Your Guide to Pregnancy Safe-Exercise

We know that staying active during pregnancy is great for both your and your baby, but it is important to be safe.  Desi Bartlett, Certified Personal Training and Registered Yoga Instructor, says that any amniotic fluid leakage, bleeding, or fainting means to stop immediately and see your doctor.  Desi also says that if you begin to experience a little lightheadedness, round ligament pain, overheating, or increased nausea, it may be a sign to slow down and check with your health professional.  Following the above guidelines and the care of your healthcare professional, the following activities are ones that are recommended during pregnancy to stay active.




Desi says that yoga is great during pregnancy because it provides a tremendous amount of strength, flexibility, coordination, and a deep sense of inner tranquility.  By practicing yoga with a prenatal instructor, you’ll be led through moves that are safe and effective during pregnancy.  In general, moves that have you lying flat on your back should be avoided.  You’ll also want to be careful not to stretch too far as your joints are more flexible during pregnancy.  Go for a gentle yet effective stretch.




Swimming is one of the most recommended forms of exercise during pregnancy.  Desi says that swimming is a great way to get a non-impact cardiovascular workout while feeling lighter in your body, because the weight of your belly is supported by the water.  She also says that water has a connection to our emotional body, so swimming may help you feel more calm.


Weight Training

Desi says weight training is great during pregnancy as long as there is a skilled professional guiding you through what is safe for you and your baby.  Weight training helps to keep your muscles toned and strong, which will help support your body through pregnancy as well as labor. Be sure to listen to your body and switch to a lighter weight if necessary.


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